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About Children's Orchard:
Children's Orchard is the top children's franchise (kid's franchise) offering discount children's clothing (kid's clothing) in almost 100 stores across the country. If you are interested in opening a children's resale clothing shop (kid's resale clothing shop), contact us today at 1-800-999-KIDS.

We service these areas:

Anaheim Hills Ann Arbor Austin Baton Rouge Billerica Blue Springs Brookline Brunswick Cerritos Chagrin Falls Cleveland Colorado Springs Columbia Columbus Commerce Twp Township Costa Mesa Cypress Danvers Ellicott City Escondido Falmouth Fenton Fort Wayne Fountain Valley Framingham Gilbert Grosse Pointe Woods Henderson Houston Hudson Huntington Beach Hyannis Independence Irvine Jacksonville Kansas City Laguna Niguel Lake Forest Las Vegas Lawrence Lee's Summit Lewisville Lexington Louisville Manchester Manhattan Beach Metairie Milford Mira Mesa San Diego Mission Viejo Monroe Nashua Natick Newbury port Newington North Reading Norwood Oceanside Oklahoma City Olathe Orland Park Owasso Quincy Raleigh Rowley Salem San Dimas Santa Clarita Seekonk Springfield Orem Sterling Heights Temecula Torrance Traverse City Tucson Tulsa Tustin Virginia Beach West Bloomfield Westboro AZ Arizona CA California CO Colorado CT Connecticut FL Florida IL Illinois KS Kansas KY Kentucky LA Louisiana MA Massachusetts MD Maryland MI Michigan MO Missouri NC North Carolina NH New Hampshire NV Nevada OH Ohio OK Oklahoma TX Texas UT Utah VA Virginia