Like Mother, Like Daughter at Children’s Orchard Manhattan Beach

Children's Orchard Manhattan Beach

It’s all about family at Children’s Orchard in Manhattan Beach, CA. Click here to read more about the family-owned franchise in The Beach Report.

“I grew up in retail; my dad was in retail in Philadelphia,” Mintz explained. “So I was familiar with the business, although I come from a marketing background, and my daughters also came from public relations and marketing.”

That marketing background has paid off in terms of building their business, and so does Mintz’s daughter Cindy’s FIDM fashion degree.

“She decorates the store, and she’s great at putting outfits together for customers. That’s her favorite thing to do,” Mintz said.

Children’s Orchard has a selection that pleases both shoppers and sellers.

“I think because of where we are located in Manhattan Beach, we get wonderful brands, and we are able to price them very reasonably for shoppers. It’s a good experience for both our shoppers and the people who sell to us, Mintz said. “Sellers can benefit even further with the 30 percent or more in store credit we offer them, so that they can shop here very reasonably. The whole idea is to take advantage of trading in an item that isn’t needed and buy something that is. It seems to work for everybody.”


The shop frequently offers unique, one of a kind items such as a recent sale: a child’s BBQ replete with a grille and skewers for little ones to use.

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