Store  Shopping Hours
Mon-Fri: 10AM–7PM (Buying until 6PM)
Sat: 10AM–6PM (Buying until 5PM)
Sun: 12:00PM–5:00PM – Buying Closed

Accepting Small Buys (amount that will fit in average size laundry basket)

Buying Closed every Sunday






Accepting Small Buys (amount that will fit in average size laundry basket)

Buying Closed every Sunday

Children’s Orchard is a Totally New Kind of  Resale Store!

Buying may close for the day if we reach capacity, and run out of space to secure customer items.  We are currently experiencing a very high volume at the Buying Counter, please call the store before bringing in items to sell.

Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM  (see above) Accepting one average size tote bag, box, or tote only.  Please no larger or x-large totes, multiple bags, or boxes.  Thank you (no garbage bags please)

Sunday: Buying is Closed / Store is Open 12-5 

Children’s Orchard in Huntersville, North Carolina is a great concept for kids – and parents. The kid’s resale market is especially important because it addresses an entirely different need: It isn’t just a choice to change sizes, it’s a MUST! Children outgrow their clothing very quickly, so Children’s Orchard allows parents to bring in “gently-used” clothing to sell that their children have outgrown, and purchase like-new clothing at a much lower cost in their child’s current size.

At Children’s Orchard, we buy and sell “gently-used” children’s apparel, shoes, toys, and equipment. Since kids outgrow their clothing so fast, it’s a struggle for parents to keep their kids in quality clothing without spending a fortune on it. Something your kids loved that fit them perfectly a month ago might not fit them at all now. Why not be able to dress your kids in clothes they love without breaking the bank – and also have the opportunity to bring in their barely worn clothing to get cash or credit towards something that is “gently-used” for them?

 We help you meet your kid’s everyday lifestyle changes by growing and adapting their wardrobe in the most cost-effective way possible… RESALE. And at prices up to 70% off of retail, the savings are huge.

Please see the following list for our “most wanted”, as well as items we are currently “all set” at this time:



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Huntersville Location

Please review updated Buying hours/Information. Due to the current high volume at our Buying Counter, we ask that you limit clothing drop offs to one average size bin, box, basket tote (at a time). Trash Bags, or clothing that is not laid flat, folded and/or recently laundered, is not accepted.  Thank you!


Buying Hours – Buying Closed on Sunday’s

Based on our high volume, and in an attempt to keep our Buying Counter open, we are excepting small drop offs.  (One average size laundry basket of clothing/shoes).  Please give us a call if you have large items, and we can arrange a time for you to bring them in.  Thank you!

Due to current volume please check hours frequently and/or call store before bringing in items.

Following are our standard buying hours, if we receive more drop offs than can be completed in one day and/or no longer have space to secure your items, we will close the buying counter (early) for that day.  If this happens, we notify customers via social media, and our website

Mon-Fri 10AM–6PM (See above for current buying status) –

Saturday 10AM–5PM – Sometimes closing before 5PM if we reach capacity for the day (as mentioned above)

Based on our high volume, and in an attempt to keep our Buying Counter open, we are excepting small drop offs.  (One average size laundry basket of clothing/shoes).  Please give us a call if you have large items, and we can arrange a time for you to bring them in.  Thank you!

Please (only) drop off during Buying Hours, we will be unable to hold your items until the next day. If you have circumstances preventing you from dropping off, during buying hours, please call (several days in advance), and we will make every attempt to work with you.

Your Buy must be picked up within 24 hours of being notified that your offer is ready.  If not picked up the offer will automatically be processed as store credit, and remaining items donated.  This is agreed upon as you sign complete your drop off paperwork, please read this carefully, and call us if a situation arises in which you cannot pickup within 24 hours of notification.

Please limit size of “Buys” to one medium size tote (bag, bin, basket, etc.), please do not bring items in garbage bags. This does not include large toys and equipment.

A medium size tote is 18 gallon or less, and not overflowing.

Thank you!


Most Wanted

The following list contains our most wanted items.  In addition to the following, please review the list of items we are currently all set on, and do not need.  We are currently transitioning to Fall items, and will be glad to review all of your items as we are still looking for some items in all seasons.


  • Dance Wear (generic leotards, tap/jazz/ballet shoes)  – we generally do not buy dance/gymnastic costumes used in recitals, and as costumes for events
  • Spring / Easter Party Dresses in Toddler, and Youth sizes


  • Preemie Sizes (all seasons)
  • Rain Jackets, and Rain Boots
  • Cleats
  • 3T-5T Toddler (Girls and Boys)
  • Boys and Girls 5T (all seasons)
  • Dress Clothing for boys 18M-14Y (dress pants, solid button down dress tops, and suits)
  • Princess, Disney, and Pretend Wear
  • Janie and Jack, Lilly Pulitzer,  Hanna Anderson, Matilda Jane, Tea, Baby/Mini Boden, Jelly the Pug, Ruffle Butts, Smocked Outfits, Crew Cuts, Vineyard Vines, and other Boutique Brands
  • Pack ‘n Plays
  • Exersaucers/Jumpers
  • Umbrella Strollers/Jogging Strollers or Compact Strollers (we are all set with all other strollers, at this time)
  • Baby Gates (compression)
  • Basic High Chairs (full size & portable)
  • Swings
  • Bumbos w/straps
  • Dock-a-Tots
  • Potties
  • Digital baby monitors

We currently have a high inventory of toys, please call the store if you have particular items to discuss.  We are always looking for Paw Patrol, Disney Princesses, Toy Bins, and similar type items.

Currently Not Needed


Currently all Set

Please note we are currently all set in many sizes, and are looking for specific items (listed above)  We are still looking for athletic wear, some dress wear, and boutique/premium brand.

  • We are currently at our desired inventory level for most girls and boys infant sizes NB-12M
  • We are currently all set with infant party and formal dresses (holiday and all occasion)
  • We are currently all set with infant coats and outerwear vests
  • We are currently at our desired inventory level for casual dresses in all girls sizes 
  • We are all set with crib shoes and most infant shoes, including boots, in most infant sizes
  • We are all set with fleece PJs in all sizes
Youth (6-14)
  • We are currently all set with most preschool and youth sizes with the exception of athletic wear (UA, Nike, etc.)
  • We are all set with plaid button down tops, winter wear, long pants, sweaters, etc.
  • We are mostly set with girls 8 and need minimal 10-14 (we do not need winter wear in these sizes)
  • We are all set with girls 12 jeans
  • We are mostly set with boys 8-14
  • We are all set in casual dresses in all sizes (we are looking for sprint party dresses in toddler, preschool, and youth sizes)
  • Hats (most styles)
  • Most Bedtime Slippers
Brands/Clothing we do not, no longer accept, or accept minimally:
  • We accept limited Jumping Beans, Faded Glory, Garanimals, Wonderkids, Hanes, Kids R Us, and Circo. Note: you may see some of these brands in our store, we have purchased these in the past, and currently purchase when we have a strong need for a size/item. We typically do not accept these brands in infant sizes.
  • Clothing that was manufactured over three years ago. (Some Exceptions)
  • Short-term trend items.
  • Destination/monogrammed tee shirts and clothing.
  • Incomplete sets (Carters, swimsuits, dress outfits, etc.)
  • Clothing with missing brand, size and/or date labels.
  • We do not  accept clothing above the size of 14Y, or shoes above the size of 7Y.  

Please note we do not purchase clothing that has not been recently laundered, is wadded up, inside out or heavily wrinkled.  We stop sorting items if we find they are wadded up, are in with dirty clothes, all appear to be over 3-4 years old, etc.


We are currently at  our desired inventory level on the following items:

Highly selective on most toys, at this time, including but not limited too:

  • We are currently purchasing very few toys, and books, due to our inventory levels.  Please feel free to give us a call, if you would like to discuss any items that you would like to sell.  We recommend calling, emailing, or reaching out via social media before bringing in large items.
  • Carseat Canopys
  • Carriers/Slings
  • Swaddles
  • Strollers
  • Shopping Cart Covers
  • Most bags/diaper bags
  • We are all set with most strollers, please see above for the few types we are looking for, at this time.


Selling Tips

Before bringing your items into the store, check out the following selling tips for our main product categories.

  • Clothing should be recently laundered, free of stains, holes, etc.  
  • Items should be gently used, or like new condition.
  • Lay items flat in a box, basket or tote to speed up the review process.  
  • Please do not bring items in garbage bags. We will not review items that are wadded up, inside out, or just thrown in a bag
  • If you bring in a garbage bag, you will be asked to remove the items and place them in one of our baskets.
  • Review size limits, Buying Counter hours, and additional selling tips (listed above).
  • Items that are wadded up, inside out, not clean, or in with items that are not clean, will not be reviewed.
  • We do not accept used socks, used tights, or underwear.
  • We do not accept clothing with missing brand/size labels or labels with writing over the brand/size labels.
  • We are under no obligation to purchase any items brought into our store.

Toys – Please note we have a lot of toys at this time, and are only purchasing select items

  • Check toys for all pieces, we review items that are in gently used condition, age appropriate, and fewer than 50 pieces. – large boxes/bags or random items from sets are generally not purchased.
  • Books should be free of writing/coloring, age appropriate, and gently used or like new.
  • DVDS/CDs are checked for scratches, or damaged areas.
  • Wipe down toys, and ensure all pieces are together, we cannot accept toys with missing pieces or damage.  If we cannot determine if all pieces are present, and working, we do not make offers on the item.  Larger items/sets should be assembled, or instructions provided to show all pieces are present.
  • Ensure toys requiring batteries work properly when batteries are installed, and there is no corrosion in the battery compartment.
  • We cannot accept items that cannot be battery tested and/or attach to external devices (computers, game stations, etc.).
  • We do not accept used items that need to be manually inflated.
  • We do not buy bicycles or bicycle helmets, we DO buy tricycles, balance bikes, and other types of riding toys.
Equipment & More
  • Wipe down all equipment and make certain it is free of damage, excessive wear, staining, etc.  
  • If seats or other cloth areas are removable, it’s helpful if these are recently laundered.
  • Ensure all pieces are included, and equipment requiring batteries, works properly with batteries installed.
  • We do not accept breast pumps, used bottles, food items, most home decor, stuffed animals/most plush items, used bedding, cribs, car seats, roller/inline skates, video games, bicycles (except balance bikes), or monogrammed items.

If you have questions about your specific item(s), please give us a call at 704-237-4441.  Although we cannot give quotes or guarantee purchase without seeing the item, we can answer basic questions related to our most wanted items, what we accept, etc.  Thanks!

Children's Orchard Huntersville


I’m a fan.
Clothes are brand name and in great shape. Prices are fantastic for the quality they have in stock. The staff is friendly and helpful. What else can you ask for?
Oh, they have cool music playing too so I feel like a hip dad when I’m shopping for my 3 and 9 year old. This place is lit. 🔥

– Adam Raimond

Great selections of gently used children’s clothes, toys, and equipment. The prices are outstanding! It’s a Grandma’s perfect place to shop.
It is also extremely organized. The staff is very nice and more than willing to help you if you need/want help.

– Beth Dail

Great prices and selection. The staff is very friendly and the customer service is great. I asked for help with a stroller on multiple occasions and the staff was quick to help. I would definitely recommend this shop and will continue to shop there myself.

– SSG Casey Holley

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