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Children’s Orchard buys & sells “gently-used” children’s apparel, shoes, toys, and baby equipment!

Children’s Orchard in McAllen, Texas is a great concept for kids – and parents. The kid’s resale market is especially important because it addresses an entirely different need: It isn’t just a choice to change sizes, it’s a MUST! Children outgrow their clothing very quickly, so Children’s Orchard allows parents to bring in “gently-used” items that their children have outgrown. Children’s Orchard  pays Cash or Store Credit, so customers can sell and also purchase like-new clothing, toys and baby equipment at a fraction of the retail cost. 

Why not be able to dress your kids in clothes they love without breaking the bank – and also have the opportunity to bring in their barely worn clothing to get cash or credit towards something that is “gently-used” for them?

We help you meet your kid’s everyday lifestyle changes by growing and adapting their wardrobe in the most cost-effective way possible… RESALE. And at prices up to 70% off of retail, the savings are huge.

Buying Information

Here’s how easy it is:

    • We buy gently used children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and equipment. Sizes 0-14.
    • We buy items that are current styles. The amount we pay is based on brand name, condition, style and current demand.
    • We ask that the items you bring in be ready to sell:
        • freshly laundered
        • in good condition with no stains or tears
        • folded or laid flat in baskets or bags
        • equipment & toys clean and in working condition & with all parts
    • You may drop off 1 Bag/Box/Bin Per Buy -or- 4 pieces of equipment/toys. Items must be in a closed bag (tied or zipped) and/or container/ box – Size 13 Gallon or Smaller (equivalent to a kitchen trash bag)
    • We buy every day up to 1 hour before closing. We advise that you call prior to coming to make sure our Buying Counter is open.
    • For quicker service bring in a small grocery size bag and we will do our best to process your Buy while you wait in the store.
    • Once your Buy is complete you will be notified. If you are not in the store you will have 24 hours from notification to stop by and/or call for your offer.**
    • To keep everything safe and secure, please call and/or check Instagram/Facebook prior to coming in as we may not be accepting Buys due to space limitations. We also encourage you to give us a call if you have not heard from us within 24 hours of dropping off your Buy for updates.
    • We are unable to purchase carseats, breast pumps, used under garments and socks, overstocked items, clothing with extra wear, fading, stains, pilling or tears, clothing out of our purchase date range (5 years), broken toys, and personalized items/books.

*Clothing that is not freshly laundered and/or wadded up will not be reviewed.

**If you do not return or call us within 24 hours after being notified that your Buy is complete, your Buy may be processed as store credit and remaining items donated.

If you accept your Store Credit offer over the phone and wish not to donate any remaining items you have 24 hours to pick up your items or they will be donated.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we want to help make your Buying experience a great one!

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Children's Orchard McAllen, TX


I love this place! Excellent customer service, and good quality clothes for a low price. Recently paid a visit due to my son quickly out growing his shoes and needed some asap! Found what I needed, and took a free piece of clothing with my purchase, and got $5 store credit for a later day promotion! Like I said, I love this place!

– Nancy Noyola

Wonderful service and AMAZING prices!!! I recommend The Children’s Orchard to all of my friends with babies and small children. Last time I was there I bought 4 shirts, 1 fancy sweater, 1 zippered sweater, an adorable bomber jacket and 3 pairs of pants. My total was only $44!!! I couldn’t believe it! In any other store, my bill would’ve been close to $150. All of the clothes were in great condition and my 10 month old son looks adorable in all of the clothes. The staff was also extremely sweet and helpful!

– Constance Perez

Love how good the prices are on all the clothes, plus they check everything super intensely before they put it out like the other comments said, but that means everything you buy is in great condition too.

– Jonathan Bunt

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