The Women behind Children’s Orchard Rowley

The women behind Children's Orchard Rowley

3 Generations of Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day & Women’s history month, we will be highlighting a few of the incredible female franchisees behind Children’s Orchard.

35 years ago, an Ipswich grandmother named Maureen started a local business she hoped would help her children and grandchildren – and it’s still going strong. Maureen had just had her third grandchild and loved the idea of recycling for future generations. She opened her first store in Ipswich, and was there for ten years before moving to Rowley. In 2005, Maureen retired but was still involved with the store until her passing in 2016. Stephanie is now working with her daughter the same way she did with her mother. This fall will be 35 years that Stephanie and her family have been involved with The Children’s Orchard. They have watched children grow and come back as parents to shop for their children.