Children’s Orchard Huntersville Featured in Local Magazine

Find out what drives Children’s Orchard Huntersville franchisee Shasta Webber in this inspiring article from Lake Norman Women Magazine.

Children's Orchard Huntersville franchisee Shasta Webber
Photo by Chelsea Bren; Children’s Orchard Huntersville franchisee Shasta Webber. 

My Passion? My Life!

By Leslie Ogle

With great family and friends and a successful career, things could not have been going better for Shasta Webber, owner of Children’s Orchard in Huntersville. But oftentimes, we have to deal with sudden intrusions that demand our immediate attention. Such was the case for Shasta in 2010, when she needed to remove a kidney. One week after the surgery, she suffered a pulmonary embolism (a sudden blockage of a major blood vessel in the lung) that could have taken her life.

“At the time, it would have appeared that I was most passionate about my career,” Shasta recalls. “Although I desired success, I realized I was doing a horrible job at letting the most important people in my life know they were just that: the most important thing in the world to me. Since that health scare, I’ve recognized that my life and the people in it are my passion. Even with the craziness of a new business, I make sure my loved ones know what they mean to me, and never feel like they’re ‘penciled in.’ I make time for my family because we never know what tomorrow brings.”

Shasta grew up in Catawba, North Carolina, and eventually found a career in human resources. After 20 years in corporate America, she decided to pursue two items on her to-do list—finish her college degree and own her own business. Bachelor of business administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude at age 40, check; opening her own business, check.

“My incredibly positive and motivating husband, Craig, keeps me going, as do the great people who work at the store,” Shasta says. “They have put their trust in my and the business; they work hard to make it successful. In return, I want to make them proud.

My mom has also been another great motivator and influence in my life; she is my biggest fan and an enormous part of my support system.”

Children’s Orchard, Shasta points out, is a “well-organized resale store that boasts an intuitive software,” which allows them to quickly price items at 60 to 70 percent below mall- and department-store prices. Shasta was delighted to discover an opportunity that was so aligned with her own strategies, philosophies and goals.

While Shasta never had children of her own, she and Craig have their furry babies (one dog and two cats) and are passionate about North Meck Animal Rescue and other animal rescue efforts. They also support several other charities, including Make-a-Wish and Little Smiles. Shasta would like to continue to volunteer and remain an integral part of the Lake Norman community.

“We just love this area,” she grins. “I grew up here and could not call anywhere else home. I’m amazed by the people I meet, especially the women I encounter every day. They’re constantly working to maintain the work-life balance we so frequently talk about. In order to deal with it, they must have amazing time management, support, patience, agility, among their abilities to face the challenges that life throws at them. And I’m pretty sure some of them have super powers!”

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