Children’s Orchard, Milford Wins Three Awards!

We love when our franchisees receive recognition for their great work. In the case of the Children’s Orchard in Milford, Massachusetts, they got not one but three awards! Source: 

In the tradition of the Boston area, the awards are called “Wicked Local Favorites.” With over 500,000 votes from newspaper readers in the area, it’s pretty impressive that Children’s Orchard, Milford, won three awards…and they didn’t even solicit any votes! In the past the store has won an award each year, but this is the first time they have won three! The awards were given to them in the following categories:

Children’s Clothing – Regional Bronze for the 18 town region called West 3.

Children’s Clothing – Honorable Mention

Consignment – #1 in Milford

Congratulations on well-deserved recognition and wins to the Children’s Orchard, Milford!

Children's Orchard graphic, green square with photos of Reader's Choice Awards logo, state of Maryland and Children's Orchard logo, store awarded Reader's Choice